introduction to drawing

Chaulk, charcoal, pen & ink, pencil & graphite, colored pencils and anything else that you can make a mark with.

49 Degrees North Ski Resort Mural WC sketch
7 Sins, Seven Sins
Baby & Mom
Bambi Encounter
Booger Boy
Boy Phillipino
Chimp Point of View
Clown Face
Coleman Lantern Sketch
Dandelion Picnic Sketch
Deer In The USA
Dog, Bulldog
Dog, Golden Lab
Dolphins Black
Dragon 750 Virago Sketch
Dragon Valkyre Sketch
Dragon BioMechanical Tattoo
Eagle & Dolphin With Flag
Elk Park Bugling Bull
Elk in Trees
Henson, James (CD Cover)
Horse Sketches Chaulk
Hummingbirds Pencil Sketch
Ice Cream Headache
Nude Charcoal
Panther, Black A1800
Portrait, 3 Women A2403
Portrait LB
Portrait SS
Rachel Leilani
Rooster Fair
Sour Lemons Sketch
Turning Point,I Stood at the
Victory Outreach Sketch 1
Victory Outreach Sketch 2
Waterhole Sketch

I began drawing shortly after coloring books were introduced by my Grandma and Grandpa, and have continued honing this craft throughout my life. I begin almost all of my paintings by drawing the idea first. One of my greatest inspirations was an illustrator/professor at the community college here in Spokane that I attended named David Clemens. He taught the manual drawing classes and perspective courses and I admire his skills, talents and caring gentlemanly spirit. I have never met anyone more impressive with a pencil (or anything else) in his hands. He was magical!