intro to painting

acrylic, airbrush, murals & signs, oil, watercolor

painting in acrylic Hula Anna

I enjoy this medium producing portraits and landscapes with it.



automotive & bikes, motorcycles, helmets

murals & signs

49 N Mural Thumbnail

Professional murals for, children's areas, professional offices, and public installations. This is one of my most enjoyable forms of making art.


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I began painting in oils a few years ago, after meeting and taking a workshop with Lou Maestas in Sandpoint Idaho. He is a wonderful artist and magnificent at teaching rub-out oils. I consider him a friend, that I wish I could see more. His rub-out technique with earth tone base spread across the canvas is lifted off by taking t-shirt cotton and wiping where the highlights back off. It is a blast and I get dirty every day. This is still the primary technique I use to technique to lay ideas down quickly, especially when doing plein aire work. I continue with traditional brushes to finish rendering my images afterwards.


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My watercolors cover a wide range of subject including plein aire landscape, wildlife, and figure along with images that come to me in dreams. I have been doing more book illustrations for years using both traditional watercolors and watercolor pencils. I experience a discovery of freedom with wc pencil drawing capabilities. Marks that morph into bright watercolors with the addition of H2O. FUN!!! You can see some of that by searching my name on