always an artist

Thank God our family tends to encourage creativity and guide us to educate ourselves in an entrepreneur sort of way.

We got kudos for individual creativity, teaching ourselves, and entrepreneur type ideas. If my folks had not been encouraging in these ways, I would never have been able to follow this difficult “heart-felt” direction in life. They noticed the signs of artist tendencies in me from the beginning and encouraged me to practice and explore.

I was one of those kids that laid on the ground looking up in the sky and seeing many many images in the clouds. I still do this.

My earliest memories are of loving the fishing on weekends with beautiful mountain walks discovering wonderful panoramic views with warm sun and bright mountain skies, followed by evenings spent coloring on a fold-up card table at my Grandma and Grandpa’s home.

Skiing with my family and seeing some of the most gorgeous views along with speedy adventures through the snow from a very young age.

Have always been guilty of doodling on any papers within reach, getting in trouble in school for drawing horses in the margin of the test papers. There are many many scrap pieces of paper with eyes drawn in every position in my wastepaper packages.

Noticing beauty around me, shadows and shapes, coloring, drawing and painting has always been a large part of my life. A pen or brush has always felt natural in my hand. The other stuff is just life squeezing to fit-in around the edges.

As you go through this blog, you will notice that the “art” articles are divided up into different categories;



design and illustration” (stuff ending up digital).

I hope that this division into categories will make it easier for you to find the art subjects that you are most interested in reading about. If you want a complete picture of the art I do please feel free to visit my traditional website too.

There are also the categories of Outside and Needlework to cover things that I like to do outside activities and my inside sewing/embroidery hobbies.