Come visit me at ARTWALK in Newport THIS THURS 6-9

Please come and see new art – smaller paintings, prints and sketches for sale at the ARTWALK  Newport WA. 6/9/2014 I will have un-framed work to help make purchases more affordable. Artists will be in many of the stores on Main Street and there will also be various goodies to taste and drink.

I will be in the North Country Clothing Shop located on the west side of the street across from the Roxy Theatre. The owners are Lynnette Elswich and Holly Baldwin, have graciously set us up for a fun evening in their beautiful shop along with great food and musicians.
129 S Washington Ave, Newport WA 99156 and phone number is 509-447-1022.

Jazz G1114

It is also “Date Night” at The Gallery: ERGJ Newport –

30"w x 15"h Watercolor of 2 dinosaurs fighting for a children's book application, tyrannosaurus rex and stegosaurus.
30″w x 15″h Watercolor of 2 dinosaurs fighting for a children’s book application, tyrannosaurus rex and stegosaurus.
15"w x 23"h Donkey in mid sentence telling about Jesus riding him into town.
15″w x 23″h Donkey in mid sentence telling about Jesus riding him into town.

just finished the research …

Am beginning a project about Abner the baby rhino… wow I love looking up the info about the animals, locations in Africa. There is so much wildlife there. Did you know that there are black rhino’s who have a prehensile snout, so that they can grab branches and strip the leaves off? And then there are white rhino’s that have a wide grass eating/grazing snout? Ohhhh!!!!! and guess what, they are born without the horns… bet their Mom’s are saying YaY! about that!!!

medical digital illustrations

Just finished a batch of medical digital illustrations for gastric surgery procedures, it was for a great client who is setting up the Obesity Reporter website. This project is really a good incentive to stay good on my diet and exercise plan. YEP! None of these seem like good options, or a lot of fun.

Gastric Banding surgery,

gastricBanding gastric banding surgery

My client had directions and input about how he wanted all of these images for bariatric surgery options. Then it was time to research the surgical procedures and descriptions in medical books and my nurses study coloring books to get all the body pieces and parts drawn right. The final research stop for me is Google surgery images, so I can get the colors right.

Steps for Medical Digital Illustrations

I sketched the image first and scanned that into a digital black and white jpg format using Adobe PhotoShop CS6. The rest of the steps were completed on the computer, doing the illustration of the shapes and colors in Adobe Illustrator CS6. The final step was to add descriptive text taken from the medical book references. I save the file then and submit it to the client and make any adjustments requested, according to what the client wants. Wa La! …c’est fini.

Gastric Bypass,

this image is on their website here.

gastricBypass gastric bypass surgery

Gastric Duodenal Switch,

gastricDuodenalSw Gastric Duodenal Switch surgery

and Gastric Sleeve…

gastricSleeve Gastric Sleeve surgery

All in all, I have to admit that this was an interesting project where I could learn more about the human body without dissecting anything or getting messy. It is a fun way to draw.


Donkey watercolor

Steps to paint in watercolor?

This donkey watercolor painting made it into the juried charitable benefit for Lavender Dreams Farm & Donkey Rescue. These are truly wonderful people who rescue livestock, mainly donkeys in north eastern Washington. North of Newport WA. Please take a second to check them out.If this painting wins in the show, I get some and they get some.

Donkeys are quite important characters, and have been friends with some pretty significant people… really.  After I had heard about this benefit, I was thinking about what I would paint just before I went to sleep at night.

Dream Inspirations

A dream about a donkey appeared in my sleep, a talking donkey just like the old show I used to watch when I was real little. Did you ever see it? It was, “Mr. Ed the Talking Horse and it started with a Palamino horse looking over his stall gate saying…

Hello I’m Mr Ed…

A horse is a horse
of course, of course
and no one can talk to a horse
of course, that is of course
unless the horse
is the
famous Mr. Ed!

Donkey Story

I had a dream of this talkative donkey standing in a dirt road telling me about life as he chewed on some grass. He was telling me about the cool people he knew and the great things he had done.

Then he started to talk about a really neat guy that he gave a ride into a town once. He was brought to this guy that he didn’t know, who talked to him and patted his head, making all the nervous worry go away instantly. It was great to have a human pay some attention to him, instead of just ignore him expecting unquestioned perfect servitude.

This guy was on a mission and there were lots of people all around, so they headed out right away. This man did not hit him with a stick to get going but instead simply asked him to go as he sat comfortable on his back. There were crowds around and people lining the road yelling, it was a scene like he had never seen before or since, but the man on his back was calm.

The people were throwing palm fronds on the road in front of him, making the donkey afraid that he might trip so he had to look down and be careful with each step. They did finally arrive safely in the town and then this man named Jesus got off and came up to him saying, Thank you!

Isn’t that amazing?

The name of this painting, “Then Jesus Said”. I begin by drawing up a few sketches and arriving at one with the little donkey talking to me up close and personal, like in the dream.

pencil layout of donkey
pencil layout of donkey

The first part of the painting process for me is blocking in light washes showing where the background areas are. It is easier to see if my main character is positioned how I want then. With this donkey, it was important to see the sky, with desert background but I also wanted some palm fronds because that is a integral part of the story in my dream. Once the location of the main figure is in I can then start to add the darkest areas on him to see if the figure is still working when it starts to look 3D.

donkey watercolor light washes
donkey watercolor light washes

I almost always have reference photography on the desktop with me as I paint or draw. I don’t have to follow the references exactly, because I am not trying to make a photograph. I use the photography to check my sizes and where the light is casting.

different reference materials
different reference materials

I am adding darkness and detail at this point to the watercolor.

Donkey details left
Donkey details left

Here is the donkey finished, I am happy with him because it can almost hear him talking.

the donkey Je suis fini!
the donkey Je suis fini!

Desktop John Dini

Who is John Dini?

Hunting in a Farmers World, by John Dini which is not about hunting for wildlife, instead it is a business book, that you gotta check out, especially if you are an entrepreneur. I like the way he tells about how things work in business for the different personality types and how these personalities interact in a company. When you think about it, if you know what your intrinsic gifts and skills are, your decisions change as you start out on your new venture.

Pencil Sketch Progress

Here are some of the pencil drawings I am working on for John Dini. They are prehistoric era pencil sketches of a hunting village people and hunting. He isn’t using these drawings in his book. He is going to use them in his slide show presentation that he does on his book tour. I love being able to envision what a book tour would be like through clients like him.

Desktop John Dini
Desktop John Dini

I have not gone out on book tours myself, but when I finish my book on drawing in perspective that may change. Leading a much more reclusive artist existence, I share my desktop view, to give an idea of how I go about my work here in the studio. You can see that many references are close at hand and other already complete images are also close for my reference to help keep the style consistent throughout the project.

Working in opposite

Opposite drawing is a great way to exercise the artist mind. Recording the highlights on a dark surface, instead of looking for the shadows and putting them down on white paper.

Last Sunday with the kids, we produced pictures of Jesus laughing.

I got to keep those gears in the mind well-greased to have creativity remain alive and drawing skills improving. Changing what I am looking at, to see the shapes of, and put down, really does a “switch-a-roo” on the mind! It makes the journey through the mind go on nerves not used very often which builds new bridges for my brain to walk on. Synapses!

I will work with kids in art at our church every 2nd or 3rd Sunday through the summer… Check us out at

Jesus smiling. Chaulk on Black paper
Jesus smiling. Chaulk on Black paper

Pencil drawings for an author

Got a commission for pencil drawing work, sketches about a prehistoric tribe characters and wildlife. Creating illustrations to be used by the author on his initial book tour to help present ideas behind his book.

He based a lot of his thoughts while writing this book on prehistoric logic. These pencil drawings were made at his direction, for a slide show presentation of the prehistoric ideas as he presented his new book. He is a successful speaker, writer and coach doing many book tours and speaking engagements throughout his career. He was a joy to work with, his name is John Dini, and the book is entitled, “Hunting in a Farmers World”.

Pencil drawing is one of my favorite mediums.

Here are two of the sketches for the preliminary test to get the job. My pencil drawings are not published in his book but hopefully, they assisted in making his book successful.

Hunter stalking prey.
Prehistoric hunter in bush, stalking.
Prehistoric deer
Large prehistoric deer.

You don’t always know where your art will end up. It is always a happy day, to be hired, for the working artist! Drawing is a great way to spend the day.