Bummer! said Abner

Here are two progressive images from sketch to ink of the rhinocerous character, “Abner being bummed”. Only got five more images to ink before I can start watercoloring all of them. This is a fun project.

pencil sketch ready - approved, and now for the ink
pencil sketch ready – approved, and now for the ink
Ink is complete now for the watercolors...
Ink is complete now for the watercolors…

Inking page 11-16 first seven images

Am continuing this African Rhino children’s book project  inking details for the main characters making ready for the next step. Surreal and colorful watercolor backgrounds… this stage is just the inking details portion.

snake and rhino
talking snake
Abner the rhino leaving
Abner the rhino on the road gong through the tangled forest.


just finished the research …

Am beginning a project about Abner the baby rhino… wow I love looking up the info about the animals, locations in Africa. There is so much wildlife there. Did you know that there are black rhino’s who have a prehensile snout, so that they can grab branches and strip the leaves off? And then there are white rhino’s that have a wide grass eating/grazing snout? Ohhhh!!!!! and guess what, they are born without the horns… bet their Mom’s are saying YaY! about that!!!

Book layout and design

Just finished doing a text book design/layout for A. G. Sheikh, on the unfamiliar subject of, “Ladakh, Tibet and Central Asia”. The author is a wonderful man to talk with and strikes me as very kind soul. The layout of this book is colorful including many beautiful scenic views of the country and cultural artifacts. A must read, tabletop picture book with cultural information that will assist anyone anticipating a visit to the middle east. It should help to not appear so ignorant when you arrive.

Did not know this area of the world had so many cool landscape views and such rich heritage. I found myself reading simply out of interest as I worked on the layout. At first the word Ladakh, was just a word that was hard to spell, but now it is a land where spiritual and cultural histories astound the mind.

check it out on Amazon

Reflections on Ladakh, Tibet and Central Asia

Central Asia history text
Reflections of Ladakh, Tibet and Central Asia

taken from the Amazon.com description:

  1. A well researched book about the history and culture of Ladakh, written by one of Ladakh’s native and most prominent scholars. This book brings together 22 of his papers, originally published elsewhere, and dealing with topics as diverse as a new perspective on Ladakh’s history, and interactions with its neighbors, Islam in Ladakh and contemporary cultural manifestations. It provides a comprehensive overview of different facets of Ladakh’s rich cultural heritage, especially past historical, political and cultural linkages with neighboring countries.