Never Dull in Gardens

It’s never dull moment in our garden. As you go about weeding, watering, planting, trimming and doing all the chores in the garden there is always humor available to perk up your day. As long as you keep your eyes open and imagination engaged, it is possible to endlessly entertain yourself.

Garden People Today

If you don’t believe me, then take a look at some of the garden people from today. Have you ever seen a tomato critter like this? Does this tomato have a close relation to Bugs Bunny?


Tomato Bugs Bunny
Tomato Bugs Bunny

Looks like a much happier bunny with a body. Hmmm.


Tomato Joy

Mr. and Mrs. Cherry were expecting a little bundle of tomato joy. They had gone to the hospital that morning and had been there many hours. They were both tired and getting a little concerned. It just seemed as though this child was taking forever to be born.

All of a sudden, Mabel’s contractions got harder and faster and the room got noisy. Everyone in the room rushed around, preparing for the new arrival. The little one finally arrived. Everyone smiled, feeling relieved. The doctor lifted the baby up, so the parents could see and said, “This is a surprise,

Congratulations! It is Triplets?

tomato triplet

Garden Sanity

Blue Screen Sanctuary

Our garden is a large part of my sanity. It is the place I go to do some weeding, watering, and picking. There are absolutely no screens to look at, and no phones to answer.

Free With Nature

I can hear the birds sing, play with dogs and kids, and get real dirty and never worry what people think of me. Anyone who knows me recognizes that is a really natural state for me.

Harvest Begins In SanityCucumbers

At the end of the summer coming into fall it becomes a lot more work as more and more produce needs harvesting and processing. My hands get blisters and dried out from all the washing, cleaning, cooking and canning but the quality of the yummy food is well worth it throughout the following winter months. Here are some cucumbers getting ready to be pickles.

BucketsDahlia Dill and Tomatoes

Here are the buckets from this morning, tomatoes, dill herb, Dahlia’s, and tomatoes. Any kind of flower blossom brightens my day!
A normal sized zuchini is what I am holding. Honestly, it is how big they get all the time.

Tomato Sorting

sorting ripeness of tomatoes

Back up at the house, the tomatoes are washed and sorted into ripeness groups. The group on the right is red and ready to eat or can. The group on the left will get to sit in my vegetable baskets by the window to finish ripening. I’ll process them probably the next time I pick.

Garden People Carrots in the Army

Airborne 82nd Carrots!

Carrots are the new world’s bravest recruits getting ready to jump out of a perfectly good airplane. Of course they are not afraid.

Carrot People Ready
We aren’t afraid!

Ready guys? The Sargent finally pushes them out the door. NOOOOOOO!

Carrot Sarge Pushes
Carrot Sarge Pushes

AHHHHHHHHHHH! They are Airborne now!

Carrot People Parachuting
Carrot People Airborne

Meanwhile, the rest of the recruits still in the bay decide to take matters into their own hands. They gather round their Sargent holding him right where he is. Making it virtually impossible for him to push them out the door.

Carrot People mob Sarge
Carrot People mobbing Sarge


Carrot People Don't Want to Jump
We don’t want to jump!

Will Larry, Mo and Curly eventually have to jump anyhow? Tune in tomorrow for the exciting conclusion to “To be pushed or not to be pushed out?”, episode of the Garden People in the Army

Cabbage Garden People Kim Chee #1

What does a local girl do with extra heads of cabbage?

This is of course is after canning 12 quarts of saurkraut enough to last into the next decade? Since leaving the islands to make my home here in Washington, some things have become hard to find, so you have to make it yourself right? Why make canning boring NEVER!


Once upon a time there was a family of fresh cabbage heads. They had just been wrenched from their comfortable leafy homes in the garden and put into boxes. It wasn’t all that bad but, honestly talk about close quarters. Packed like sardines are we. Hmmm, what is this human up to? Crazy Haouli.

Bath time AAARGHHH! Yummy! Salt, so is this what it is like to swim in the ocean? Are we in the ocean? No. What is that stink smell? Whew! What is that hot stuff?

Kim Chee
Kim Chee

Kim Chee.

Gnome Repair is Finished

Here is what they looked like, I finished painting after the Gnome repair of the older one. This is before clear coat spray which I should be able to apply tomorrow. FUN!!!

Sometimes people believe I should not get such a kick out of painting and recycling a broken item. I grew up in a generation that did not throw things away that were still useable. We took the time to fix them, and what is funny is that the ability to repair something often carries a real good feeling of accomplishment when you are done. Almost endearing the object to you more because it becomes a little bit part of you.

Gnome after repaint
Gnome after repaint
Gnome after repaint back
Gnome after repaint back
both Gnomes ready for another year
both Gnomes ready for another year

Does a Gnome have more than one life?

I love the cute little Gnome in the garden, and our do have multiple lives. We have two Gnomes outside that have had a few rough winters. Both have broken parts that needed fixing, were faded and badly in need of cleaning. They didn’t actually look so bad to me till after Pete had fixed the broken parts and they were standing next to the “new” hunter on the kitchen counter. This new “hunter Gnome” is presented here especially for my brother and sister in Albuquerque. Rocky do you like him? He is at our front door. Leona should I send you guys one? Hmmmm?

New Hunter with Old Gnome
New Hunter with Old Gnome
Backs Hunter with Old Gnome
Backs Hunter with Old Gnome

You can tell that the bigger one is really faded when you look at them together. He had to have his right foot glued back on and the rock underneath it glued too. See how extreme the fading is…

Hunter with Old Gnome closeup
Hunter with Old Gnome closeup

I wasn’t quite sure how to go about painting them but got out the acrylic paints and went to work and have thoroughly enjoyed doing it this afternoon. Now I need to rest my broken collarbone.