portrait dog Rottweiller #2

After creating a same size photograph to work from, I sketch the portrait onto the watercolor paper and begin by washing in the b ackground in greens flavored with burnt sienna. Then I begin putting cool blues on the highlights and warm browns on the brown fur areas. This begins to show me some depth and shape at the beginning of the illustration.

dog portrait sketch with photograph on desk

portrait dog Rottweiller begins

Here is the photograph that I will be working from. This is the beginning of a portrait of a regal Rottweiller named Roscoe. He has that forever quizzical look that they love to give with their serious faces. This guy would present this expression frequently and would even sometimes serenade us…. That will be in another post 🙂

rottweiller looking up at you

Pet Portrait finished

Okay NOW Hurley the Golden Retriever/Poodle mix is DONE, as they say where I grew up. He’s all pau!

I’ll stick him in a frame and quit adding things, no more changes.

dog portrait

I have really benefited from the time spent with Stan Miller this summer and am sad that class is over. Can’t emphasize enough how good the opinion of other artists helped as I attended on Wednesday afternoons at Spokane Art Supplies.

Where does the eye travel? A question I did not ask myself very much before. Now, I’m learning this “design” stuff slowly and loving every minute of it.

The background needed something, his head disappear into nothingness making my eyes stuck on the center. Not good.  It needed a darkness behind his head on top to balance the extreme darkness of his lower jaw area. What a difference a little background makes.