Illustrations for an Australian Author

Julie Anne Ford has just published a young children’s book entitled “GABBY Loves to Talk”. It is a cute short story about a girl that talks and talks and talks….

I used a bright and free kind of style with watercolor pencils and then finished up with regular “brush” watercolors. The main character has red hair and lots to say, and she was a lot of fun to draw. You can see a copy on Amazon at this link;

Gabby Likes to Talk by Julie Anne Ford

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What books have you done?

This is a question that I have gotten asked a lot. I have finally put a page on the website that shows the books I have had something to do with in my freelance career. My portion of the work involves typesetting and layout of manuscripts for TEACH Publishing Inc and others and that is ongoing. There are books, and book covers that I have illustrated. Some of these titles also had me do the graphic design,  as in typesetting layout. There are book covers I have only done the painting and the client did the type.

Now you can see where a lot of my work is and I am hoping you will click and visit where these titles are available. If you buy one let me know what you think of it okay? If you leave a positive review for the author you could always say the “artist” referred you and I get kudos for that.

Check the “book” page out here.

If you simply go to my artist website and use the  “ALL images” navigation link (top left side of page), the next window has a list of all the images on the site in alphabetical order. Look down that list and you will see “BOOKS” in all caps and that will take you to this amazing newly completed page. Enjoy!

Ski lift view

Oil rub-out painting entitled, SunThruSnowyTreesL804. This painting is of the sun rays shooting through trees  early in the morning up at 49 Degrees North Ski Resort in Chewelah Washington. This one is available for purchase.

Sun Thru Snowy Trees

One of the most entrancing parts about skiing is the ski lift ride back up the hill. After putting some real effort out speeding through whatever terrain you are doing, you quickly slip into the lift entry gate to catch your breath. Taking your seat you experience take-off into the tree heights-observing pristine quiet mountain views as you float over and through the treetops. It is a real meditation time with soft breezes and nature to the max. Some of the the most peaceful and extravagantly beautiful skies and mountain scenes I have ever seen were from my seat on a ski lift.

Celebrate, celebrate…


3 years ago, I had open heart surgery so skiing was put on hold for quite a while. Yesterday we went skiing and I am feeling so glad to be alive. Life is SO GOOD! When you find something that makes you smile just thinking about it – go for it YEAH!

beginning oil painting of 49 degree North mountaintop 49NpanoG4306

Thought you might like to see a favorite view I painted from time spent on the hill, here is a shot of the painting just started and then another of it finished. See more about a great mountain at, 49 Degrees North Ski Resort in Chewelah Washington.

shadow eagle helmet

This is an airbrush technique that my husband asked me to do on his Kawasaki Vulcan 750 and his helmet. It is what I call “shadow” or “ghosting” an image using metallic automotive paints. It makes the artist face the challenge of selecting which details are necessary and which are not. When you get a little sunshine on it, surprise, there it is!

This was done as a matching shadow eagle face that is on his bike but the biggest challenge was reversing the image to rest on a white surface (helmet) instead of the black surface of the bike.shadow eagle face helmetAgain the simplicity of the image is quite attractive, and much more powerful than you would originally think especially in sunlight. More images of this helmet can be seen here. It definetely gets the double take. It is painted on a black Kawasaki 750 (in reverse) that you can see here.


Ghost Eagle Kawasaki 750


eagle ghosted Kaw 750
Airbrush ghost eagle style becomes a trademark of work for me.

My “ghost airbrush techniques” have proven that simple is quite attractive and powerful. Learning to render in this technique,  makes an artist face the challenges of selecting which details are really necessary and which are not. When correctly done, this ghost technique is a real show-stopper and conversation piece.

Ghost Eagle Discovery

Discovering this ghosted eagle technique began with my husband asking me for an American eagle on his rebuilt Kawasaki Vulcan 750 .  He doesn’t want it to be a blaring image, but would rather it be artistic and subtle. First, I spent a great deal of time perfecting a detailed eagle face across the entire tank. Facing many challenges and using only one color (metallic silver), with the difficult eagle  image. Finally, Pete saunters over to where I am painting  and asks me to start removing details. Can you believe that? It seems utterly ludicrous to go to all that work and then simply start blowing black over the most difficult details. What does he think he is doing?

Are you crazy, man?

It seems like, he was systematically ruining all the hard work I had just finished. AAAARGHHHHH! But, I was wrong. Don’t tell my husband though. If he finds out, I know I’ll never live it down. More images of this bike can be seen here. How do I know this? Well, his bike definitely gets the double-take on the road, or anytime people walk past it. We have been noticed at  traffic lights where consequently, his ghost eagle has become somewhat of a traffic distraction . Invariably, Pete will have someone standing and looking at his bike in the parking lot when he returns from the store, resulting in interesting conversations with people. Likewise, he gets the same results with his helmet.

Pete asked for this image on his white helmet, so I needed to work in reverse to accomplish this. This same eagle image is painted in reverse and you can check it out here on his white helmet.

I do a lot of sketching in the studio, regularly switching from drawing with pencil on white paper to drawing with chalk on black paper. With pencil I am concentrating on seeing and drawing the shadows, and with the chalk I am concentrating on drawing the highlights. Try it sometime yourself, to see how opposite it feels.

Horse theme on a bike

horseHonda 250 Rebel

This is the second motorcycle I painted with an airbrush and it won a spot for “Great Paint” in a motorcycle publication named Full Throttle magazine, which surprised me and inspired me to keep on doing airbrush. I used to get people checking it our anytime I parked it in a parking lot. It was  a little Honda Rebel 250, a classic that my husband Pete painted a royal blue for me. I went to work painting images from pictures and memories of my horse I had while growing up. His name was Rocky, and  was a quite spirited gelding who just loved to run. I have many wonderful memories of riding the paths in the mountains of Kahaluu with him. Rocky really was fast and he did win the state finals reserve championship for pole-bending.