February 2015 hanging art at POVN in Newport WA

Here are the five paintings hanging at POVN in Newport WA their website is at www.povn.com
Eye Spy pen & ink – $50
Portrait Attitude watercolor – $125
Donkey, Then Jesus Said watercolor – $175
Two Bluebirds On a Post watercolor – $175
Storm Approaching oil – $250Paintings at POVN Newport WA

Pictures First Week Recycling Scrap to Help Vets

Attached are pictures of our first week collecting Scrap Metal for the Orange Heart Fund.

20150119container 20150119DickGordon

As we mentioned earlier, Pacific Steel & Recycling said, “this has never been done before.” So there was no book to follow on how to set up such a program. Gordon Lenke has been instrumental in managing the process, A special thanks to Bev Lenke (Gordon’s wife), who took the pictures.

Local farmers are joining in. One brought in six riding mowers. When the weather clears we have been invited to his farm to pick up old equipment, scrap, etc. Another farmer also donated scrap steel and invited us to his farm when the weather clears. This coming week we will be getting more from business that have scrap metal and have committed to help.

For those in the Spokane Area, you can continue going directly to Pacific Steel’s Recycling facility at 1114 North Ralph, which is just North of Trent. If you are coming in via I-90, turn North on Freya and then left (West) on Trent, then in two short blocks turn right (North) on North Ralph. Pacific Steel entrance will be on your right (East). Simply tell the person at the weighing station that your load is for the Orange Heart Fund. That’s it!

20150122ridingLawnMower 20150122donations3wrkrs 20150121ridingLawnMower 20150121donations

Please keep sending friends, veteran neighbors and family to the collection locations:

The Trading Company  (1501 East Seltice Way, Post Falls, ID 83854 at the corner of 95 and Hayden.

– Phone (208) 773-3383

Super 1 Foods  (240 West Hayden Avenue #F, Hayden, ID 83835 – Phone (208) 772-5722

The collection area will be staffed by veterans from

7:30 am to 7:30 pm

(Jan 20th-27th, 2015)

We will be checking in with the CDA Tribe on Monday.

Your Scrap Can Help a Veteran!

Orange Heart Steel Recycling Program

This is a story of just how creative and generous business owners can be. While attending his normal business group meeting a steel recycling company executive listened to the speaker talk about Veterans exposed to Agent Orange. The presentation touched his heart stirring up a desire in him to take action. He contacted the speaker from the non-profit after the meeting and presented a truly inspirational idea to raise funds. Since then, many more kind hearts have joined the team.

Inland Northwest companies and community groups are joining forces to sponsor and participate in fund raising efforts for the Orange Heart Fund“. You may be wondering what that is. “Orange” in the title refers to the Veterans from Vietnam who were exposed to the herbicide Agent Orange. “Heart” refers to having a kind and generous heart, it also is closely aligned with the “Purple Heart Medal” awarded to wounded Vets. In the logo, the heart is not purple because it is all about the effects Agent Orange has had on the health of returning Veterans and their families.

The Scrap Metal Recycling Program is a “Grassroots” idea suggested by the Pacific Steel and Recycling plant in Spokane, Washington and Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. They are setting up collection bins at convenient locations and after processing will donate funds directly to the “Orange Heart Fund”. At this point it is a pilot program with locations in a limited number of locations in northern Idaho and easter Washington. If this succeeds they are willing to put collection areas at other locations.

The Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA) members have volunteered to help man the donation sites at Post Falls and Coeur d’Alene Idaho. They are in the process of setting up a volunteer truck brigade to pick up recyclables from people who do not have a means to transport scrap to the donation locations provided. The local Police departments have assured that they will monitor sites. Bin locations are at The Trading Company Grocery Store parking lot in Post Falls 1501 East Seltice Way, Post Falls, ID 83854
(208) 773-3383, and The Super 1 Foods in Hayden 240 West Hayden Avenue #F, Hayden, ID 83835 – (208) 772-5722, future locations include the Kootenai Tribe Casino in Worley Idaho.

This does not sound very impressive until you take a look at their website and see where they are, and how many locations they do have. Pacific Steel and Recycling has more than 30 locations across the Northwest portion of the United States, they spread far and wide. There are offices from Washington to the Dakotas and north to south from just across the border in Canada all the way south to Colorado.

Orange Heart Medal

  • British Columbia — 1 location
  • Washington — 5 locations
  • Idaho — 10 locations
  • Montana — 12 locations
  • North Dakota — 1 location
  • South Dakota — 1 location
  • Utah — 3 locations
  • Oregon — 1 location
  • Utah — 1 location
  • Colorado — 1 location

It becomes quite evident that this recycling program could have far-reaching effects for our environment. This could inspire clean-up and environmental consciousness awareness throughout the population of 10 states. Out of the 50 states in our nation, ten states is 1/5, think about that! Would we then be conserving 1/5 more of our natural resources? If 1/5 more the Americans choose to participate in a clean up effort great improvements could be seen, literally.

A simple idea can change the world. Metal scrap can be cleaned up and recycled to raise funds for Veterans and their sick and disabled children who have been effected by the exposure to Agent Orange. It is amazing to realize that the junk lying around in garages and yards can be collected and donated to help a Vet receive better medical care and assistance with caring for their disabled children.

It is pretty simple to load up the scrap and bring it in to one of the Pacific Steel and Recycling locations or to other business’ hosting a collection container. The containers will be marked for the “Orange Heart Scrap Metal Recycling Program”. By participating in this recycling effort, we improve things for our back yards, our planet, and our Veterans and it just makes good sense.

Orange Heart Fund Scrap Metal Recycling Program

I designed logo, banners and handouts for this cause that should be starting on January 20th. It is a truly worthy cause assisting veterans and their children who were exposed to agent orange.  Raising funds by recycling scrap metal with  help from Spokane WA, Post Falls  & Coeur d’Alene ID —– Pacific Steel and Recycling locations. There should be articles in the papers etc around January 20th to begin it all.

caring for children affected by agent orange exposure in Vietnam
caring for children affected by agent orange exposure in Vietnam

bookmarkBackBW bookmarkFrntSM

Inland Northwest companies and community groups are joining forces to raise funds for the “Orange Heart Fund”a Scrap Metal Recycling Program. Metal scrap can be cleaned up and recycled as a donation to raise funds for Veterans and their children who have been exposed to Agent Orange. Simply bring in your scrap to one of the Pacific Steel and Recycling locations or to other business locations hosting collection containers to participating in this effort. Your recycling donation will earn funds needed to begin helping these Veterans and their families!

Bummer! said Abner

Here are two progressive images from sketch to ink of the rhinocerous character, “Abner being bummed”. Only got five more images to ink before I can start watercoloring all of them. This is a fun project.

pencil sketch ready - approved, and now for the ink
pencil sketch ready – approved, and now for the ink
Ink is complete now for the watercolors...
Ink is complete now for the watercolors…

Inking page 11-16 first seven images

Am continuing this African Rhino children’s book project  inking details for the main characters making ready for the next step. Surreal and colorful watercolor backgrounds… this stage is just the inking details portion.

snake and rhino
talking snake
Abner the rhino leaving
Abner the rhino on the road gong through the tangled forest.