Illustrations for an Australian Author

Julie Anne Ford has just published a young children’s book entitled “GABBY Loves to Talk”. It is a cute short story about a girl that talks and talks and talks….

I used a bright and free kind of style with watercolor pencils and then finished up with regular “brush” watercolors. The main character has red hair and lots to say, and she was a lot of fun to draw. You can see a copy on Amazon at this link;

Gabby Likes to Talk by Julie Anne Ford

If you like it please remember to leave her a good review.

Bummer! said Abner

Here are two progressive images from sketch to ink of the rhinocerous character, “Abner being bummed”. Only got five more images to ink before I can start watercoloring all of them. This is a fun project.

pencil sketch ready - approved, and now for the ink
pencil sketch ready – approved, and now for the ink
Ink is complete now for the watercolors...
Ink is complete now for the watercolors…

Inking page 11-16 first seven images

Am continuing this African Rhino children’s book project  inking details for the main characters making ready for the next step. Surreal and colorful watercolor backgrounds… this stage is just the inking details portion.

snake and rhino
talking snake
Abner the rhino leaving
Abner the rhino on the road gong through the tangled forest.