Jazz progressive #1

A deja vu image that keeps coming back? I sure do. The third time around is a rendering in watercolor… step one.

Jazz01Using my reference images I sketch in the collage, changing what I want. Most of the change is the desire for movement in the collage. The way I’m approaching this is changing the singer’s face in a more Hispanic flavor, with  hair flowing up and twisting around. Another change is to make the piano keyboard dance in a curve around the guitar. I use resist on the piano keys and other white areas that I want to reserve. Then lightly wash in some of the shapes to see if I am happy with my layout.

Deja Vu “Jazz” reference mat’l

This image keeps showing up for another round? This is round three. I wanted to enter a Spokane Watercolor Society Show and couldn’t get this idea out of my head. So, I decided to give it my best to render this scene in an ultimate fashion then possibly it would not keep coming back.

I begin with finding great reference material to work from, showing  characters and instruments well, placing them in PhotoShop and printing it out. The print sits right next to me as I paint this musical collage in watercolor, my ipod singing in the background with all my favorite tunes.

reference images for jazz music collage

Recurring Inspirations

Have you ever had an image that kept coming back for another round? I sure have. I had a vision of music being played on various instruments by a singer, sax player, trumpeter and hearing piano going all at once. A very brightly colored dream set in Florida tones. The first time I painted this inspiration was with a quick sketch in watercolor.

medley of jazz musicians in watercolor

This  8×11 framed original is available for purchase.


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 Jazz G1114 – $75 (unframed), $175 (framed)


15″w x 23″h watercolor on 140lb WC paper. Watercolor of jazz musicians jamming including piano, guitar, trumpet, saxaphone, and voice.


juried in YAY!

I entered a painting  named “Jazz”, into the Spokane Watercolor Society Juried Show and just received notice that it was accepted into the show. I tried two times before and was not accepted, this is the first time I was so there is truth to the old saying, “If at first you don’t succeed, then try, try, try, again.”


I won’t show you the actual painting but I can show you the small painting I did years ago that inspired it. You know we keep doing it till it comes out right, us artist’s.