Lovely Lilacs

Lilacs & Spokane

A beautiful scene greeted me, bathed in sun rays were the lovely blossoming lilacs in the garden. An amazing alluring scent wafted across the garden drawing me close to admire the delicate lavender petals.

We are so lucky to be living in the Inland Northwest in the “Lilac City” of Spokane, WA! Spring is celebrated here with a “Lilac Parade” honoring veterans. Followed by, “Bloomsday” a 7.4k run on the first Sunday of the month of May. The China flu pandemic postponed it to September 2020. This long walk makes me get up and get into shape each spring.

Every year thousands of runners/walkers complete this for the coveted secret Bloomsday shirt each year. I wonder if the shirt design this year will reflect the fact that there will be no lilacs in bloom as we come back down the hill into Spokane? I have done this course at least 15 times, and have the shirts to prove it!  As an extreme introvert, a crowded event like this is completed only to prove to myself that I can survive as I walk a good 7-1/2 miles up and down hills in a choking group of strangers. Then, I quickly retreat back home to recuperate in quiet solitude with the garden, forest and dogs. Whew.

Lilac Love is Widespread

I was born in Colorado and have distinct memories of my grandparents stopping in to visit us. Grandpa would have a handful of lilacs in his hand to give to Mom, and their scent would fill our house with smiles.

Lilac (syringa) is a prolific blooming bush with conical shaped groups of four leaf petals. The lilac flower has meanings and symbols associated with it, with more specific meanings for each color of the species. My bush is associated with first loves, being the light lilac shade .

Excerpt from:

  • ….
  • Lilac: This lighter shade of purple is associated with one’s first love or the first time one feels love for someone.
  • ….