contests again

BTW I have had a long (4 years) separation from entering any art competitions and shows and this year I am beginning again. The portrait of Lil’ Ben was entered into,

The Artist’s Magazine Annual Art Competition

hope it will do well…

You know what they say the only guarantee you have is if you don’t enter you for sure will not win. LOL!



portrait Lil’ Ben redo prog #7

more details…progress child portrait

This is a gradual process adding lights and adding darks detail after detail…. Back and forth. I am feeling like I finally have succeeded in creating an image that is the person in front of a reflection. Now to just finish up all the details.



portrait Lil’ Ben redo prog #5

more details and more background washed in…

photograph and child portrait progress
a wonderful smile

I keep the photograph that inspired the portrait close so I can measure and make sure that the features are correct. Just a tiny bit off will make the portrait totally wrong. I am trying to get real good at likeness now.  Always striving to improve.



portrait Lil’ Ben redo prog #3

more progress…

closeup of face
skin tones

A closeup view. Adding skin tones and hair tones along with some of that sweater shading. The yellow that you see is the mastik or resist that is reserving the white areas for me to be able to work with better later on when I do the details.


portrait Lil’ Ben redo progress #1

Here we go again, third time is a charm they say. 🙂

Here is the sketch laid out on the watercolor paper with “mastik” or “resist” applied to reserve the white areas.

portrait little Ben redo  With the white areas protected I have an easier time treating the background with a free wash without worry.





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