Delapidated Garden Fenceline

garden fence
garden fence from house


The garden fence became delapidated with the accumulated snow weight this winter. When the snow melted it became obvious. There is no way around it, we had to replace the fence. Dang!  This is a view of the 1/4 acre garden that we plant every year.

north side garden
north side garden fence

Over the winter our garden fence started to sag and lean everywhere, till we had placed just as many braces to prop it up as there were fenceposts. Here is a before picture of the North side fence with all of it’s braces. You can see how saggy it all is. Guess it really is needing some help isn’t it?

fence turns
fence turns


This image illustrates how over the years, we have added fence as the garden expanded by simply going around big rocks or trees. There was no long term plan. Laying out fence in any kind of straight line was not a concern so much as simply keeping the deer out of the garden. It is a good thing we are not competing in any Home and Garden contest because comically, in the existing leaning lines of fence, there is not even a single 90 degree corner in it. Hmmmm. We tried to lay it out with 90 degree corners and just finally gave up and are aligning focus on straight runs with removal of all possible obstacles. Thank goodness for the Kubota…. thank you Dan and Ann!

south side garden
south side garden

The south border of the garden is the longest continuous stretch of fence at approximately 150 feet long. It is going to also be the straightest stretch of fence in the new. You have seen all of the “before” pictures in our garden fence line replacement project. Now, you know what the Woelk’s in Elk do during quarantine, letting the ultra violet rays kill all the Covid 19 virus cells as we sweat.

Sandwich Board Sign Repair

Sign Surfaces

lessons sign sanding 1The sandwich board is laid flat out on the table ready to sand. You can see that it has been used quite a long time with 3 to 4 layers of different stuff. I even ended up using a grinder to get the glue-on letters off so that the sign paint would adhere without blistering.

lessons sign sanding 2


This is a sandwich board sign needing repair for 49 Degrees North Ski Resort. It is used on the lower walkway to assist lost people going to their ski and snowboard lessons. The rub-on lettering says, “Never skied, Welcome.” I vaguely remember that sign on the hill years and years ago.

lessons sign snowflakes 1


The request was for blue snowflake pattern on the sign with wording same on both sides. Some of my best friends are flakes, but, I still had to look up snowflakes. I was pleasantly surprised by how much geometry is involved with drawing them. They are six sided gems and quite beautiful how they reflect lights. Check paper snowflake instructions here… I enjoyed looking at actual pictures of real snowflakes to prepare good looking flakes. 

lessons sign snowflake closeup

I went with a basic bright white background for the sandwich board sign. Using light blues and touches of magenta, rendering 2 snowflakes, one large and one smaller on opposing corners. Using a small sponge dabbed into white and blue helped make snowflakes appear as a texture around the border and randomly in the center.

lessons sign snowflakes


The wording and arrows were painted in simple black. By the way, lettering is not something I do often. It has been 30 years since sign lettering was even a weekly project for me. I didn’t take any chances and opted to trace the letters onto the board first. You can see the pencil outlines in these pictures. Honestly, any self-respecting sign painter would not be caught dead outlining the letters like this.

lessons sign snowflakes w/ background

lessons sign snowflakes wording penciled

For a 2-sided sign, I had been reminded to reverse the arrows, but promptly forgotten it. After finishing, I got surprised. One side of the sign told me to go one way and the other  side told me the opposite. Ooooops! Consequently, I had to reverse one side’s arrow heads to correct this.

lessons sandwich sign 1lessons sandwich sign 2

Sometimes, my memory goes missing when I least expect it, but luckily, most things can be fixed!

Gnome Repair is Finished

Here is what they looked like, I finished painting after the Gnome repair of the older one. This is before clear coat spray which I should be able to apply tomorrow. FUN!!!

Sometimes people believe I should not get such a kick out of painting and recycling a broken item. I grew up in a generation that did not throw things away that were still useable. We took the time to fix them, and what is funny is that the ability to repair something often carries a real good feeling of accomplishment when you are done. Almost endearing the object to you more because it becomes a little bit part of you.

Gnome after repaint
Gnome after repaint
Gnome after repaint back
Gnome after repaint back
both Gnomes ready for another year
both Gnomes ready for another year