Chaulk & Charcoal, Pen & Ink, Pencils

Drawing is an integral part of art for me. It is where most of my ideas begin to be laid out.

49 Degrees North Ski Resort Lodge Mural
49 Degrees North Ski Resort Mural WC sketch
49 North Nursery Entry
49 North Panorama
7 Sins, Seven Sins
AAA Crime Scene Cleanup Booth
Baby & Mom
Baby Jesus
Back of My Mind Helmet Airbrush
Bambi Encounter
Bee (Bumble) & Daisy
Bike N Board
Bison Yellowstone
Bluebirds Two
Booger Boy
Boy Phillipino
Butterfly Face
Butterfly On Flame Tree
Butterfly Pond
Cardinal, Red
Cape Disappointment Lighthouse
Cars Mural
Chakra, Seven Major
Chimp Point of View
Clown Face
Coleman Lantern Sketch
Cross Light Background
Daisy Forest
Dandelion Picnic Sketch
Dandelion Picnic WC
Deer In The USA
Deer, Buck
Deer, Three
Dog, Bulldog
Dog, Golden Lab
Dog, Golden Lab Oil
Dog, Hurley WC
Dog, Tasha
Dog Portrait Airbrush
Dolphin Airbrush
Dolphins Black
Donkey, Then Jesus Said
Don’t Rush a Good Thing
R & S Dunn, Poulsbo WA
Dragon 750 Virago Sketch
Dragon 750 Virago Airbrush
Dragon Valkyre Sketch
Dragon Valkyre Airbrush
Dragon BioMechanical Tattoo
Rick and Suanne Dunn Mural
Eagle & Dolphin With Flag
Eagle Front Helmet Airbrush
Eagle Shadow/Ghost Helmet Airbrush
Eagle Open Beak Helmet Airbrush
Eagle Semi 2 ton Int’l Airbrush
Eagle 350 Enduro Airbrush
Eagle 750 Kawasaki Vulcan Airbrush
Elk Bull
Elk Park Bugling Bull
Elk in Trees
Envy, Greed, Gluttony
Foot, Mercury
Foxes, Two
Full Throttle Magazine Award 
Garage Sale
Genesse ID Plein Air L2011
Ginger, Red
Goosers (Geese) Horse Shoe Lake
Gull (Seagull)
Henson, James (CD Cover)
Hillyard Skate Park
Horse Ink Shadows
Horse 250 Honda Rebel Airbrush
Horse Ghosted 440 Kawasaki Airbrush
Horse Shoe Lake Boat Reflections
Horse Shoe Lake Near Waterfall I0905
Horse Sketches Chaulk
Horse Spirits Seven
Hotel Moscow ID
Hot New Word!
Huckleberry Moose Spool
Hula Anna
Hummingbird,Seven J1516 WC
Hummingbirds Watercolor
Hummingbirds Pencil Sketch
Hummingbirds With Bee
Ice Cream Headache
Jazz Music
Kitty Lick Color
Kittens Nap Color
Kitty on the Couch Color
Koolaus Haiku
Lavender Festival Portrait
Lewiston Grade ID Plein Air
Lillies, White
Lily, White
Mama’s Miracle
Market St. Market MURAL
Mountain Lion Snarl
Newport Video MURAL
Northside Family Medicine MURAL
Nude Charcoal
Nude Watercolor
Nude Female
Nyberg Home Mural
Orchid, Lily Ponds
O’ Tahiti E
Owl, Hawk
Panther, Black A1800
Pele’s Hanohano
Photo Frenzie Photograph Backdrops
Plumeria Tree Blossoms
Plumeria White Yellow
POPA Theatrical Backdrops,Signs
Portrait, 3 Women A2403
Portrait, Attitude E1213
Portrait, CC L0108
Portrait, FD
Portrait, FKids
Portrait, FNath
Portrait, FNikki
Portrait, FNM
Portrait, FS
Portrait, Girl on Phone
Portrait, Heather and Pete
Portrait, India Girl & Kitty
Portrait, IS
Portrait KS
Portrait LB
Portrait, RR
Portrait SS
Portrait, Surprise TCD
Portrait, Bug on Nose TCD
Rachel Leilani
Rainbow Isle
Ram King of the Mountain
Riverside Middle School Hallway
Room With a View
Rooster Fair
Rose Bouquet, Red
Rose, Red
Skykhomish Hwy 2
Sour Lemons Sketch
Storm Approaching
Sun Thru Snowy Trees
Swans, Trumpet
Treeline Invitation
Trinity Signs
Turning Point,I Stood at the
Turtle Discovery
Twin Lakes Inchelium WA
Unicorn Honda 1100 Shadow Airbrush
Victory Outreach Mural
Victory Outreach Sketch 1
Victory Outreach Sketch 2
Victory Outreach WC to Scale
Vietnam Vet Memorial Wall Helmet Airbrush
Waterfall NW
Waterhole Sketch Wolf 750 Virago Airbrush
Victory Outreach Mural